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Fall 2020



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"Build your bots, command your army, defeat the aliens!" 'Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics' is a turn-based strategy rogue-like where you'll build and program an army of ramshackle robots to fight off an alien invasion!


The Idea Behind Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics

Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics originally started as an idea for a hobby project. The idea started with wanting to try and bring the fun of programming to a video game. There have been other games that do this sort of thing, but they usually involve something very similar to actual programming and are more geared towards solving puzzles with programmed actions. The goal with Bot Net was to boil down the programming to an easy to use system that anyone should be able to understand and tie it into something other than a puzzle. After some thought, we came to the classic idea of robots fighting aliens! Since the premise of this game would be you programming your robots to fight, we came up with the silly idea that you're the last person aboard a ship that's been boarded by aliens. The problem is you're just some IT guy who's only way of fighting back would be to build and program robots! A turn based strategy game seemed like the best genre to set this idea in so players would be able to take their time when planning out their bot's commands and then watch it all unfold when you're ready. The Behaviour system itself was designed around simplifying what constitutes an action in a turn based strategy game as much as possible. The final three command behaviours made things simple enough for the average person to understand while still offering enough diversity in your options to allow for real systemic complexity and not just a variety of behaviours.

Current History

Development of Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics began at the beginning of May 2019. The founders of CaffeineWare, Brea Parker and Nic Gardner, chose Bot Net to act as their first project during their work term at college. By the end of the semester, Bot Net had it's first playable demo ready! Brea and Nic did a final presentation about their project and got invited to showcase the demo at a local gaming show called 'GameOn!'. The game was very popular at the show and even lead to an invitation to another event called 'E-Nite'. Brea and Nic decided to start working more on Bot Net after this success. Currently the game is being updated bi-weekly with new content and has an Indiegogo campaign launching on February 11th.


  • Delve into the easy to learn hard to master Behavior System! Inspired by the idea of bringing the fun of programming to a video game, the Behavior System offers you a simplified way to program and automate your bot's behaviours by mixing and matching 3 types of commands. And, if you'd prefer to avoid making behaviours, Bot Net can be played entirely with the pre-made behaviors built in! The Behavior System offers tons of unique complexity in an easy to use, simple package!
  • Build and upgrade your robot army with specialized bot upgrades, weapons, and items! By combining different bots with different kinds of gear, you can create powerful combinations! Want to use the Focus Beam, a weapon that deals more damage the further it is from it's target, to it's maximum potential? Give it to a Fast Bot with the Keep At Range command. Now you have a powerful bot who can quickly move far away to deal a bunch of damage!
  • Turn the tides of battle by gaining control of Stations; key locations that provide powerful bonuses and large scale effects! Make sure to capture all the Stations you can, as they provide a variety of effects like deadly Auto-Turrets, Teleporters, and 3D Printers for building more bots!
  • All of the aliens use the same Behavior and Squad System as you! Outsmart your enemies by learning and exploiting their behaviors!
  • Every playthrough is different, with random bots, equipment, and behavior unlocks!
  • Coming Soon: Explore randomly generated ships with unique layouts and loot to find! Discover legendary robots that bring powerful and unique abilities! Play through the Campaign Mode, which has you progress through multiple stages to defeat the invaders! Overcome a variety of 'Finales'; boss-like encounters that are a true test of your strategy skills!


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Steam Page
Link to the Steam page for Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics which includes the free demo. http:.

Indiegogo Page
Link to the Indiegogo page for Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics. It's currently the 'Coming Soon' page where you can submit an email to follow the campaign. This will be updated to the actual campaign page when it's launched. http:.

About CaffeineWare

CaffeineWare is a Canadian game studio, founded by Brea Parker and Nic Gardner. Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics is the first game being developed by CaffeineWare

More information
More information on CaffeineWare, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics Credits

Brea Parker
Project Manager, Programmer

Nic Gardner
Lead programmer

Serhii Buriak
Artist, Animator, Freelancer

Mario Sello Nuñez
Composer, Sound Designer, Freelancer

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